Monday, August 22, 2011

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time passes by running...

The one season has passed from the last update.
Japan has considerably become cold. It is strange feelings to write the article on winter after the story at the midsummer.

I wrote that pet dog's Michael had been bored due to the heat by the last article.
However, he is fighting against the pain in the body by aged now. I worry whether he can get over this winter because the cold will become severer in the future.

It is said that the mongrel dog is strong. However, because age 17 years old has already been exceeded, the decline is remarkable day by day. Especially, the joint of his hinder leg seems to ache. He dislikes standing and sitting.

I want to remove the pain in his foot at least. However, to be able to do for him is to take care about his meal, momentum, and health management at most.

I want to be always nearby as a precious family for Michael to spend the rest of his life happily as much as possible.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sweltering heat

The voice of the earsplitting cicada tells the height of the summer.

In here Japan, people falling down by sunstroke and heat stroke increase rapidly.
Both my body and head seem to overheat because of the intense heat of every day.

Hydration is important, but must be careful not to drink a cold thing too much for stomach and intestines. Additionally, it is necessary to take in moderate salt and nourishment from a meal.

My dog also looks languid due to this sweltering heat.
Though a so hot day continues, he hates water and does not want to bathe. I am sorry that it is possible only to wipe his body with a cold towel.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rainy season is over

Today, according to the weather forecast, the rainy season in the area where I live ended. Hereafter, real summer comes.

However, the rush of rain flooded the river in the next prefecture and caused the landslide before the end of the rainy season was announced. As a result, serious damage and the personal sufferings occurred.

Recently, abnormal weather of the world scale has been generated. Japan is not an exception either. Severe rain that is called "Guerrilla rain" tends to fall for these several years in Japan. It is rain like upsetting a large-scale pool.

Guerrilla rain caused the great deal of harm in the Chubu area and the Kanto area in Japan at last few years.

Feelings to fear nature come out when thinking of that. I suppose that they might be god's warning to man who possibly became arrogant.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hexagram which expresses oneself

I Ching is used by various methods.
As one of them, there is a way that applies time, although time scale should be chosen as the situation demands. Of course, it is possible to apply our own birth date.

If we follow in the tradition, the lunisolar calendar calculated at each local time is used for this, not the solar calendar.

Here's an example: George W. Bush.
(born 6:26am July 6, 1946 / New Haven, Connecticut)

He was President of the 43rd United States of America, but led world countries to the Iraqi War. And I calculate the I Ching hexagram from his birth data: Nine at the top of the Hexagram 6 (Conflict).[*]

[*] According to his birth data, double hour is 5am to 7am(rabbit hour), but here I used 7am to 9 am(dragon hour). If the rabbit hour is correct, it will be Nine in the fifth place of the Hexagram 44 (Coming to Meet).

Study of the I Ching does not have the unitary way, but it is significant to apply time as a means of practice.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I Ching & Sabian Symbols

I have been studying the relation between the I Ching and Sabian symbols for about ten years.

The research started when I was around 20 years old.
At that time, I had already studied astrology and I Ching for about two years.
However, I lacked practical experience and knowledge about it yet.
Therefore, it was only one method that I understood the relation between 64 hexagrams and Sabian symbols. It links "Zodiac signs(12 constellations)" and "Earler Heaven Bagua".

About a year after that, I noticed another perspective.
I understood it in an intuitive way during practice of "Kimon Tonkou".
"Kimon Tonkou(Qi Men Dun Jia)" is a technology that uses nine spaces where complex elements are included.
In that experience, I obtained a new viewpoint that connected astrology with the I Ching. That viewpoint linked "Later Heaven Bagua(King Wen sequence)" and "Zodiac signs".

Afterwards, I found the third viewpoint in 2004.
This can arrange one degree to one hexagram's Horizontal Line.
By these findings, I now can interpret the I Ching multilaterally.

Current study results are in my website.

However, my website is written in Japanese, so I made two English versions.
(Last update : December 11, 2021)

1. I Ching to Sabian Astrology

2. Sabian Astrology to I Ching

*Astronomical Luo Pan 1

*Astronomical Luo Pan 2

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Where does Japan heading into?

The House of Councilors election was held in Japan today.
Japan is already in the midst of political change.

Each party pledges were heard, people are confused. "What should we choose?"
Moreover, even for the party you support, nor can all agree with their policies.

People's choice in the coming years, including today's election will be the key to whether Japan can survive.