Thursday, November 18, 2010

Time passes by running...

The one season has passed from the last update.
Japan has considerably become cold. It is strange feelings to write the article on winter after the story at the midsummer.

I wrote that pet dog's Michael had been bored due to the heat by the last article.
However, he is fighting against the pain in the body by aged now. I worry whether he can get over this winter because the cold will become severer in the future.

It is said that the mongrel dog is strong. However, because age 17 years old has already been exceeded, the decline is remarkable day by day. Especially, the joint of his hinder leg seems to ache. He dislikes standing and sitting.

I want to remove the pain in his foot at least. However, to be able to do for him is to take care about his meal, momentum, and health management at most.

I want to be always nearby as a precious family for Michael to spend the rest of his life happily as much as possible.

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