Monday, July 12, 2010

I Ching & Sabian Symbols

I have been studying the relationship between the I Ching and Sabian symbols for about ten years.

The research started when I was around 20 years old.
At that time, I had already studied astrology and I Ching for about two years.
However, I lacked practical experience and knowledge about it yet.
Therefore, it was only one method that I understood the relation between 64 hexagrams and Sabian symbols. It links "Zodiac signs(12 constellations)" and "Earler Heaven Bagua".

About a year after that, I noticed another perspective.
I understood it in an intuitive way during practice of "Kimon Tonkou".
"Kimon Tonkou(Qi Men Dun Jia)" is a technology that uses nine spaces where a complex element is included.
In that experience, I obtained a new viewpoint that connected astrology with the I Ching. That viewpoint linked "Later Heaven Bagua(King Wen sequence)" and "Zodiac signs".

Afterwards, I found the third viewpoint in 2004.
This can arrange one degree to one hexagram's Horizontal Line.
By these findings, I now can interpret the I Ching multilaterally.

Current study results are in my website.

However, my website is written in Japanese, so I made two English versions.

1. I Ching to Sabian Astrology

2. Sabian Astrology to I Ching

If you did not see these PDF files, then please try this Google drive link.

*Luo Pan

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