Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rainy season is over

Today, according to the weather forecast, the rainy season in the area where I live ended. Hereafter, real summer comes.

However, the rush of rain flooded the river in the next prefecture and caused the landslide before the end of the rainy season was announced. As a result, serious damage and the personal sufferings occurred.

Recently, abnormal weather of the world scale has been generated. Japan is not an exception either. Severe rain that is called "Guerrilla rain" tends to fall for these several years in Japan. It is rain like upsetting a large-scale pool.

Guerrilla rain caused the great deal of harm in the Chubu area and the Kanto area in Japan at last few years.

Feelings to fear nature come out when thinking of that. I suppose that they might be god's warning to man who possibly became arrogant.

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